Daycare Facility Amenities, Preschool Projects, and Programs

Preschool curriculum isn’t just for learning ABC’s. It should inspire curiosity and creativity, build community, and encourage movement. Apple Tree Orchard Preschool and Childcare creates the perfect environment for just that with stimulating preschool projects and programs, cheerful amenities and facilities, and an unwavering commitment to safety for the best early childhood development available.

children practicing kung fu in a classroom setting

Child Development Projects and Programs

Each month, we offer new opportunities for your child to learn and grow through special preschool projects and programs. Each one is tuned towards providing an exciting, new, and stimulating learning experience for your child. Some of these projects and programs include the following:

  • Monthly art history program
  • Daily preschool projects
  • Science experiments
  • Lots of special guests and parties every few weeks, such as:
    • Firemen
    • Magician
    • Cowboys
    • Balloon artist
    • Valentine party
    • Trick or treating
    • Holiday parties
    • 4th of July celebration
    • Preschool Graduation

Preschool Amenities and Facilities

In some cases, the learning environment is just as important as the lesson itself. When it comes to early childhood development, a safe, responsive, and nurturing environment is a key part in supporting learning and growth. Research has shown that making changes in the classroom environment—such as implementing activity schedules, rearranging the furniture, and providing altering instructions given around routines—increases the probability of appropriate behaviors and effectively decreases the probability of challenging behaviors in young children.  That’s why we’ve placed an emphasis on creating a space for our students that encourages intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth. We ensure your child’s physical environment (the overall layout and design of our daycare facility), social environment (interactions between children and caregivers), and temporal environment (timing related to routines and activities throughout the day) is maximized for their benefit.

  • 3 large outdoor playgrounds
  • Tot-sized room designs, including sinks at just the right height
  • 5 Supervisors available to help staff and parents
  • Clean, colorful, and fun environment
  • Offer full & part-time schedules

Security and Safety

Part of creating an environment fit for learning is ensuring that each aspect of safety is well thought out. When you or your child is worried about injury or harm, neither of you can focus on what preschool is all about. At Apple Tree Orchard Preschool and Childcare, we’ve implemented security features throughout our preschool and daycare facility to ensure that safety is never a concern.

  • Locked proximity entrances with key fob security access for parents
  • 6-foot playground fences
  • 48 internet cameras that parents can access through individual password-protected portal providing real-time and up to 24 hour archived images
  • Open format provides the ability to see and hear throughout the building
  • Convenience
    • Easy access from car-to-door
    • Convenient location in downtown Papillion

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