Daycare Pricing

At Apple Tree Orchard we are proud of the services we offer to your family and children and we believe our pricing and offerings make us a value you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. When it comes to comparing daycare prices, consider what you get when you choose Apple Tree Orchard for your child care needs. We offer affordable childcare for both full-time and part-time schedules. See more on our Daycare Schedule page.

All Programs Included in Price

We offer some very exciting and unique classes and projects - at no extra cost! We have projects that reinforce school-time subjects as well as those that broaden the mind and develop skills. Some of our classes include music, Spanish, a computer lab, dance class, Kung Fu, fine art appreciation and we are lucky to have some special guests who visit to enhance your child’s experience. We believe all parents should have access to affordable preschool programs where their children can take part in these fun and enriching activities.

To schedule a tour or for more pricing information on our affordable pre-k programs, call Apple Tree Orchard at 402-827-7537.

Educational and Reliable

Not only do we emphasize education and experiences in our daycare and preschool facility, we understand the importance of having a regular schedule and the need for reliability in your childcare. We are only closed six days out of the year for holidays - we even stay open on snow days when the public schools are closed so you know your child has a safe and enriching environment while you’re away at work. 

Family Discounts Available!

Any family with two siblings enrolled simultaneously will receive 10% off of their oldest child’s weekly daycare rate. Those families with three or more siblings enrolled at a time will receive 10% off of all except for the youngest child’s rate.

Apple Tree Orchard - The Daycare and Preschool You Can Count On

You may be able to find daycare for your child at a lower cost than Apple Tree Orchard Preschool and Childcare, but you will absolutely not find a better value! Check out our Programs page to learn more about all of the affordable childcare options we have to offer.

We do not accept Title XX.

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