The transition from preschool to kindergarten is a big step. Kindergarten classrooms are more structured than the average preschool program; as a parent, you want to make sure your child is prepared for the leap between learning environments. Apple Tree Orchard Preschool & Childcare in Papillion, NE approaches pre-kindergarten (pre-k) the same way we approach all of our early childhood education and daycare services: with a dedication to and understanding of a child’s needs.

The more we learn about preparing children for classroom learning, the more we realize that early childhood education is extremely beneficial. That’s why finding the right pre-k school for your child is so important.

Our programs are not intended to detract from the joys of being a young child; rather, our pre-k program prepares children for school in a fun way that helps them avoid some of the stress that can come with entering a kindergarten program. Early education helps your children become comfortable with the structure of the classroom and the process of interacting with their peers while enjoying an environment designed for their age group.

Giving your child a head start on academics, rule-following, and appropriate peer interaction in a pre-kindergarten program can help them cope with a school classroom environment, averting many struggles and hardships down the line. Fundamental building blocks like basic math and literacy skills – as well as social skills, fine motor skills, and an introduction to handwriting – will provide a strong foundation for the academic environment.

Thinking about starting pre-k in Papillion? Let’s talk about why a pre-k program may be the right choice for your child before starting their K-12 education journey.

Important Benefits of a Pre-K (Pre-Kindergarten) Program

If you are looking at putting your child into a pre-k program, you probably want to examine the benefits before making a decision. Below are some of the advantages your child will experience after attending pre-k.

  • Children who attend kindergarten-readiness programs score higher on reading and math tests than children who stay home with parents (Office of the State Superintendent of Education).
  • One study suggests that children who attend pre-kindergarten are more likely to graduate from high school (Office of the State Superintendent of Education).
  • Pre-k participants are more likely to be employed in adulthood, less likely to be arrested for violent crimes, and more likely to earn higher wages.
  • Children gain social and emotional skills.
  • Children in kindergarten readiness programs gain self-regulation skills, enhance self-esteem, and develop fine motor skills, things four-year-olds struggle with.
  • Kids who completed pre-k education are less likely to repeat a grade or require special education assistance.
  • Early education research suggests that pre-k participation can increase the likelihood of a child being ready for honors classes by seventh grade.

The benefits of pre-kindergarten are wide-ranging with few drawbacks. For children ready to attend pre-k in Papillion, call Apple Tree Orchard. Learn more about our pre-k program and enroll in a high-quality kindergarten readiness program today!

Emphasis of Our Kindergarten Readiness Program

Apple Tree Orchard wants all children in Papillion, NE, to have access to pre-k that will teach them what they need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. As part of our kindergarten readiness emphasis, we focus on the skills required for school and encourage further learning while creating an easier transition from pre-k to kindergarten.

We focus on academic courses like math, reading, and science. We work on developing the entire brain through creative expression using art and music and teaching about health and wellness through organized games and playtime. Some of the simple skills such as standing in line or being still at a desk are taught, and we introduce them to the concepts of working in groups and individually. Through these activities, they also have a chance to work on their social and self-regulation skills, which come into play often in a classroom setting.

Is Pre-K the Same as Preschool?

Many people use the terms “pre-k” and “preschool” interchangeably because of the similarities between the programs. After all, they do both refer to early childhood education that happens prior to a child entering kindergarten. However, there are a couple of notable differences between the types of lessons your child will get in preschool versus pre-k schooling. Most notably, the emphasis for preschool is “playful learning” and pre-k specifically engages children in the areas that they will be taught in kindergarten. Therefore, the emphasis is more focused on academics and a school-based setting, helping the transition from play-based time to academic subject-based learning to be smoother for all involved—both parents and children. Some of the building blocks of learning—such as developing sustained attention, imitation of modeled behavior and steps, and exposure to math, reading, and science concepts—are introduced in our program.

Enroll in Pre-K at Apple Tree Orchard Today!

Ready to prepare your child for their first classroom experience in kindergarten? At Apple Tree Orchard, you will find a pre-k teacher devoted to helping your child get ready for school. Our caregivers understand just how important your child’s education is to you, so we use all available resources to assist in your child’s development and kindergarten readiness. Reach out to us today to enroll, tour our facility in Papillion, NE, or obtain more information about our pre-k education program.