Apple Tree Orchard has been the best experience for our kids, words don’t even describe it!

To the Staff of Apple Tree Orchard,
I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for my family.  Words will never do it justice,  but, hopefully can express our sincere appreciation for the wonderful staff of the Apple Tree Orchard.
As we breezed in and out and dropped our children, with a minimal “hello” and “thank you” for looking after our children—more than that, for taking time to feed them, provide them with spare clothes as needed, to teach them Spanish, music, Karate, math, science, and reading—we never had the time or took the time to thank you for all that you do.  That’s a failure on our part because you do so much.  If nothing else, at the end of the three years after entrusting you to the care of our three children, two of which were newly born, we are truly grateful and more appreciative than you will ever know.
Every night, my wife and I discussed how fortunate we were to find a “day care center” (the poorest of descriptions for a program such as yours) that was as truly exceptional as it is.  Unfortunately, the military is now moving us away, and the bar is set so high, I don’t think we’ll ever find another center as amazing as yours.  You will be missed.
We recognized every day that our children spent more time in the Apple Tree Orchard than out of it.  Actually, our children often complained when they weren’t in the Apple Tree Orchard, unless we were on a road trip.  They looked forward to going each day.  We even felt guilty on the days that they weren’t there learning.  Even our little introvert, Lilianne Grace, though she never showed anything beyond uncertainty and often appeared that she didn’t want to be left, every day and evening, she still talked so much about school and wanted to go back.  Scarlett Rose was so excited (putting it mildly) every day we took her to Apple Tree Orchard, and Wyatt was so loved.  Apple Tree Orchard touched them for the better, and it will carry them for years to come, even though they are so young.
They get more than most kids, according to other parents I talk to, do in their first few years of grade school.  I hope that every day, even the days that you are frustrated and exhausted, you feel so proud of your accomplishments.  I can only imagine the quantity of children that have come through your program and are the better for it.  Please, don’t ever let up.  Your patience and perseverance in helping our children through challenging times has certainly been amazing for us.
Again, these are all just words on paper, but I hope that it will make you all feel a little more special, as we think you are.  Best of luck to each of you in all future endeavors, and best of luck to the Apple Tree Orchard as the program continues.
Thank you so much for everything.  Thank you again and again for every day with our kiddos.  Thank you for making them more than they were.  Thank you!  From Julia and from our kiddos, Thank you!” – Nick D.

April 11, 2019