The staff at Apple Tree Orchard is one-of-a-kind, creating memorable experiences!

Apple Tree Orchard is a home away from home for my children. Along the way, we have dealt with the same issues most parents do; leaving our new infants, potty-training, the trying times, the fearful days, the crying phases, the behavioral outbreaks, all the way to graduation into Kindergarten. The entire staff has never failed to nurture, support, excite, and involve my kids; making them confident, positive children, fully prepared to enter school. The curriculum used leaves no doubt in my mind that my children will not struggle with learning. The daily push for exercise along with the healthy & balanced meals has always been important to us, and contributes to their well-being. The weekly additions of music, Spanish, soccer, dance, Kung-Fu, computer time, water-days, numerous special guests and presentations, all ensure a well-rounded child with interest in many different areas. The daily routines and schedules have helped my children learn structure, discipline, and respect.

Beyond all of this, and most importantly – my children adore these people. From the Director, to the Assistants, to the teachers…everyone deals with each child they encounter as though they have a vested interest in their future. As you walk through the building, you hear multiple voices calling out the nightly “good-byes” and “see you tomorrows” to your smiling child. You notice the smiles, the hugs, the comfort, directed at your child, and you get a real sense of peace. It is clear that the quiet moments caught on camera, with one-on-one attention and true affection for your child…is exactly what happens on a daily basis as you leave your children in their care. – Sarah E.

April 11, 2019